Perfect Portfolio Management

Meet shareview. Simply the best portfolio admin & tax reporting tool for DIY investors.

  • Extend Your Broker

    Import your trading history, then sit back as new trades are recorded. Price changes, dividends, share splits, and currency movements.
    All automated & online.

    Share Portfolio Software - shareview
  • Get Instant Visibility

    Real-time performance reporting, diversity reports, and more. Displayed in easy-to-read tables and charts.

    Share Portfolio Software - shareview
  • Save Time & Money

    Everything you need (including dividend & CGT reporting) for tax-time. Minus the paper trail and high accounting fees.

    Share Portfolio Software - shareview

shareview share portfolio management software provides a central, online repository for all your portfolio data, keeping it backed-up and secure. Access your portfolio data from anywhere and grant shared access to others. It’s the perfect solution for portfolios of all types: buy & hold investors, frequent traders, and SMSF trustees.

All your investments, in one place

Whether you own shares listed on the ASX, NZX, NYSE, NASDAQ, or LSE, you can track them all with shareview.
Plus, you can also monitor:

  • Share Portfolio Software - shareview

    Managed Funds

  • Share Portfolio Software: shareview - ETFs


  • Share Portfolio Software: shareview - mFunds


  • Share Portfolio Software: shareview - Listed Bonds

    Listed Bonds

  • Share Portfolio Software: shareview - Cash & Fixed Interest

    Cash & Fixed Interest

  • Share Portfolio Software: shareview - Unlisted Assets

    Unlisted Assets

...And currency movements are automatically incorporated and included in your total position.

How it works

Effortless Setup

Setting up a portfolio is easy. Connect to your online broker and import all of your historical trading data within just a few clicks. Or import your trading history via CSV or by entering trades manually.

No More Data Entry

Each time you trade, have your broker email over a copy of the PDF contract note. shareview will instantly record the transaction in your portfolio and save a copy of the PDF.

Painless Administration

shareview automatically records corporate actions, including dividends, share splits, and capital returns. You’re free to edit all automatically populated data too.

Effortless Setup
No More Data Entry
Painless Administration

With automated data entry of all trades, your portfolios are always up to date, making administration a breeze.

Say farewell to shoebox syndrome

Sick of shoeboxes full of contract notes and stale performance reports? With shareview, your investment portfolio is safely stored online. So you can access it from anywhere, and share it with anyone you wish, including your accountant or financial advisor. This makes tax-time a breeze and leaves you free to focus on your investments, not the paperwork.


shareview Reports

Powerful, real-time reporting

shareview automatically calculates the performance of your overall portfolio and individual shares on the fly. Capital gains, dividends, and currency movements are all shown in dollars and annualised percentages. Get all the information you need for comprehensive performance reporting, CGT, balance sheet preparation, and more.